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Yoga at Yoga School at New Heart for growing ageless...

Patsy Gaetano has studied and practiced alignment based yoga for more than 23 years and taught for more than 13 years. Patsy has opened YOGA SCHOOL at New Heart.

NEW HEART is a wonderful sunny wellness & yoga studio located at 601 Lomas Blvd. NE (map), in the center of Albuquerque, New Mexico. See the schedule of classes here.

For info on Patsy's new Mentorship Program, Sharing Yoga's Wisdom, see below.

The Moon Lodge Sessions begin in June with 1001 Prayer Flags Workshop

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Sharing Yoga's Wisdom

Mentorship Program

This is an old-style apprenticeship program for those wanting to learn to teach the ancient practice of Yoga and those wanting to use Yoga to aid their personal health and life's journey. Upon acceptance into this program one will work directly with Patsy Gaetano. She is a creative, intuitive and long experienced Yoga teacher that specializes in making Yoga asana accessible to a wide variety of physical abilities. She is highly experienced in Classical Yoga Asana, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yoga for Menopause, Chair Yoga, Pranayama and the intuitive and therapeutic applications of Yoga Asana. Her teachings emphasize anatomy, alignment and the use of Yoga Props. She has a broad knowledge of the entire eight Limb System of Yoga and substantial experience with Ayurveda as it applies to Yoga. The Apprentices to this program may either choose a Personal Mentorship or Teaching Mentorship Program. This program is based on six-month segments of mentoring. One may join the Sharing Yoga's Wisdom Mentorship Program at any time. Each Mentorship will be individually designed to reflect the apprentice's experience, interests and Yoga and Life's goals. There is plenty of flexibility built into the schedule to help work these teachings into one's busy life. (See the PDF flyer)

Personal Yoga Mentorships

This type of mentorship will be designed according to the student's experience, health conditions, interests and goals. There will be no requirements or opportunities for teaching. Students will work with Patsy to develop personal Yoga routines for home practice and modifications and alternative poses for class participation as needed. Patsy will offer reading and audio/visual recommendations. Brief meetings before or after classes with Patsy will allow for continual feedback and question & answer sessions. As possible, Patsy or her teaching apprentices will give extra attention in classes. All apprentices to YOGA SCHOOL @ New Heart are expected to contribute 24 hours of Karma Yoga or Service for each six-month mentorship. The service will be agreed upon before the Mentorship begins and will reflect the interests and abilities of the student and the needs of YS@NH.

Teaching Yoga Mentorships

This type of mentorship will be individually designed according to the student's Yoga experience, trainings, teaching experience, interests and goals. Patsy trains Yoga teachers to be able to teach mixed-level asana classes with the ability to modify for students as needed but also challenge students as needed. Through this mentorship program one will begin by experiencing regular Yoga classes and will choose at least two classes to apprentice to weekly. This allows the apprentice to become familiar with the regular students to that class, their injuries and health conditions creating a comfortable situation for honing one's teaching skills. The students and Patsy will give valuable critiques as one progresses in their teaching skills. The apprentices to the Teaching Yoga Mentorship Program will gradually build confidence and skill at a pace that is appropriate to them. Upon completion of at least two six-month mentorships, and when approved to teach as an “experienced teacher,” the apprentice will receive a Certificate from Yoga School @ New Heart.

Basic Requirements for Six-Month Yoga Teaching Mentorship Program:


Personal Mentorship

Teaching Mentorship

Two Consecutive Six-Month Teaching Mentorships
$1400 per six-month mentorship

$1600 per six-month mentorship

no refunds

payment plans available

partial work-study available

A yantra is a visual embodiment of spirit helping us to focus our spiritual and mental energies. studio yantra is the embodied playground for exploring the healing qualities and practices of art, yoga, and nature. Patsy Gaetano is the fiber artist and yoga teacher blessed with the privilege of birthing studio yantra. It is located on two beautiful acres in the East Mountains of the Albuquerque area.

Please call 205-6584 for inclement weather announcements.